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Gifted and Talented Support

Mensa UK: Gifted and Talented Support

“One of Mensa’s core aims is to ‘identify and foster human intelligence’. With that in mind, the Board of Mensa appointed a Gifted Child Consultant and established the Mensa Gifted and Talented Support Programmes, to assist educators in their work with gifted young people and to support young members and their families.

Mensa has several hundred gifted children among the membership. Young members of Mensa are entitled to the same membership benefits as adults – magazines and newsletters, special interest groups and social events. There are also some opportunities to interact with other young members at events such as the Annual Gathering, and young members are encouraged to participate in the newsletters created especially for them.

Identifying Gifted Children
Mensa’s G&T Advice Leaflet offers information and advice about gifted children, as well as details of other organisations who can help, and further reading on the subject.

Check out our special Gifted and Talented News features such as Gifted Children – a checklist for parents

The Mensa Supervised IQ Test is suitable for children aged over ten and a half years. Younger children should be assessed by an educational psychologist to find out their IQ score – your local health authority or education authority can help you to find professionals in your area.”

Find the web page here: Mensa UK: Gifted and Talented Support

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