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Sex and the Highly Gifted Adolescent

HG Adolescent: Sex and the Highly Gifted Adolescent by Stephanie S. Tolan “Little has been written about gifted adolescents and sexuality. In a recent text on the gifted adolescent (Bireley and Genshaft, 1991), there is so little discussion of the subject that one might assume from it that gifted adolescents are the only adolescents on … Continue reading

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Intelligence isn’t as important as you think

Mempowered: Intelligence isn’t as important as you think by Fiona McPherson Intelligence is only one of many factors that explain individual differences in academic performance. Conscientiousness, in particular Dutifulness, Achievement motivation, and Self-discipline, is another very important factor. Intellectual Curiosity, which is related to both intelligence and conscientiousness, is a third. More surprisingly, Greed Avoidance also … Continue reading

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Mener smarte barn blir skoletapere

Dagens Næringsliv: Mener smarte barn blir skoletapere Av: Lars Kristian Solem “Barn med ekstremt høy iq må lide med isolasjon og utfrysing fordi de er flinke, ifølge lederen av organisasjonen Lykkelige barn. Mens talentene innen musikk og idrett får stjernestatus, må mange skoleflinke finne seg i stigmatisering, isolasjon og mobbing. Det mener organisasjonen Lykkelige barn, … Continue reading

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Lesson Plans for Gifted Children

Inland Empire Mensa´s Gifted Children Program: Lesson Plans Now Available on “Mensa for Kids” Web Site Attention teachers, homeschooling parents and involved family members: The Mensa Education & Research Foundation is sponsoring a series of lesson plans for grades Kindergarten through 12. Designed to challenge gifted children, these plans cover topics from the alphabet to … Continue reading