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Wanted: Introverted geniuses

Journalgazette.com: Wanted: Introverted geniuses

By Frank Gray

“An estimated 70 percent of all people could be classified as extroverts, says Bob Beatty. They’re the type who like to get together with others and have a good time, the way they do in beer commercials.

But when you look at membership of an organization like Mensa, you find that 70 percent are introverts, says Beatty, the former national chairman for Mensa. You won’t find large groups of them staggering down Bourbon Street at 4 a.m.

They like to read or get together with a friend or two and talk or discuss something very specific.

Many organizations require mandatory attendance at meetings, Beatty says, but when attendance is optional, as it is in Mensa chapters, only about 10 percent of members are active.

So when one considers that only 1 percent or 2 percent of the population can even qualify to join Mensa, called a club for geniuses, and that most members are introverted, you can begin to sense what the problem is, in Fort Wayne at least.”

Read the full article here: Journalgazette.com: Wanted: Introverted geniuses

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