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ECHA The European Council for High Ability Conference 2014

The European Council for High Ability (ECHA) Confreence 2014
Re:thinking giftedness
Gifted education in the digital age

“The theme of the conference is Re:thinking giftedness: Giftedness in the Dig­ital Age. Through an examination of current theory, research and practice the conference will explore the possibilities and challenges that the “digital age” offers to the education of the gifted across the lifespan. In addition the con­ference will highlight current trends in research and practice considering how to best support and nurture giftedness now and in the future. The conference offers a range of formal and informal opportunities to further develop existing links and to establish new connections and networks that will lead to a greater understanding of giftedness in the digital age.

Assoc. Prof. Mojca Juriševič
Chair of the Conference Programme Committee

Talent needs space to grow. The hosts of the 14th ECHA Conference will provide this space for us meaning by far not only excellent conference facilities and accommodation. S-LOVE-nia is the only country of the world, which has LOVE in its name. Ljubljana, the hosting city of the conference is a place, where creativity finds its home. This conference will go even beyond these points: it will show how to expand the space needed by the highly able to previously unkown dimensions: to the e-dimensions of the digital age. The conference will also cover all areas of research and best practices in the field of high ability giving an opportunity for networking and finding new friends and collaborators. I hope to welcome you at this memorable meeting!

Prof. Dr. Peter Csermely
ECHA President”

Find the conference web page here: ECHA conference 2014

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